How No Trespassing Signs Help Law Enforcement

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Published: 22nd December 2010
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Itís not unreasonable to consider oneís home as a sanctuary. When a person is within his or her property, he or she should be reasonably free from harassment of any kind whether it is from the government or other individuals. Most world governments respect this right enough to not only make it illegal to perform police searches without either a warrant or probable cause, but to make illegal the use of any evidence that the police gathers during such a search.

Some laws such as the Castle Doctrine even allow the use of deadly force when an individual is defending his or her property from intruders. Fortunately, it seldom has to come to such an extreme extent. It is to this not too extreme end that a properly installed trespassing sign becomes valuable.

There are 2 kinds of trespassing violations: civil trespassing and criminal trespassing. In a civil trespassing, the owner of the property that has been trespassed has to sue the offending individual; whereas in cases of criminal trespassing, the police can be called in to arrest the offenders. The main difference between the two is intent. Civil trespassing is usually accidental in nature while with criminal trespassing, the guilty party has knowingly entered and/or remained in a property that he or she knows she has no permission to be in.

The presence of fences, a wall and a no trespassing sign is one way that an individual knows that that property is private. In fact, many courts consider how effectively a property was labeled private for a trespassing case to prosper. Especially in properties where it is all but impractical to put up a fence or a wall, the proper installation of no trespassing signs become the best way of warning individuals that they are about to enter a private property.

It is important to remember that laws regulating the installation of no trespassing signs on a piece of real estate vary from state to state. When a person wishes to post no trespassing signs on his or her property, he or she should make sure that they are complying with the state law, since strict compliance with local trespassing laws is required if one wishes to be able to pursue prosecution against trespassers. For example, some states mandate specific sign sizes and colors while others merely require that these signs be highly visible and readable.

When purchasing a no trespassing sign, one should also consider what material the sign is made of. Signs can be made of a number of materials. A good signage material is heavy duty rust proof aluminum. Signs made from this material tend to last a very long time and are relatively inexpensive.

There are a number of signs on the market that feature a wide range of wordings and graphics, from a simple "No Trespassing" in white letters against a red background to signs that feature a graphic of the octagonal "Stop" sign. There are even customizable no trespassing signs. Typically, these custom signs feature a no trespassing template to which you add your own special wordings.

The right to defend oneís property is a right that is taken very seriously not just in the United States but in other countries as well. While one may use force in the defense of oneís property, it is comforting to know that something as simple as a properly placed no trespassing sign can help in that defense.

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