How to Welcome Visitors to a Business with Visitor Signs

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Published: 22nd December 2010
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A good business prioritizes their client’s needs whether it is through employees’ attentiveness, product quality, or a simple welcoming sign. Installing visitor signs are one of the many ways to make clients feel more comfortable, from the moment they enter up to the moment they leave. Even with just a friendly sign that says "Welcome Visitors", they will definitely feel that they are given importance from the very start.

Putting up welcoming remarks on entrances, showing them where to sign in or lounge, and instructing cautions to visitors help them know more about what type of attitude towards their clients a business has. First-time clients usually seek familiarity and direction to guide them through the whole facility.

Visitor signs speak directly to the clients. There are many types of welcoming and instructional visitor signs that visitors encounter in a good business. These mostly are:

• "Welcome Visitors" – a friendly greeting from the management to the visitors, making the business an accommodating facility from the beginning.

• "All Visitors Must Use the Front Entrance" – this instructs visitors to use a specific entrance, avoiding any unauthorized access to other parts of the facility.

• "Notice: All Visitors Must Register at the Office" – notices like these are installed in some businesses to secure their premises from possible security risks. These remind visitors to register their names and purpose of visits at the facility’s office.

• "Visitors Must Wear Identification Badges" – this reminds the visitors to wear their ID badges, given upon registry, to confirm that they were permitted entry by the facility’s office.

• "Reserved for Visitors Parking" – businesses have their own visitors’ parking spaces to accommodate their immediate parking needs. These signs are made out of either recycled plastic or rustproof aluminum. They have a reflective surface for greater visibility at night. They come in either 18" x 12" or 12" x 18".

• "Visitors Lounge This Way" – this shows the way to an area where visitors could stay and wait for their appointments.

It is important for a business to have more people coming in their shops, stores or companies to gain more profit. Visitors are likely to return to an establishment that displays a degree of respect and security towards their clients. Accommodating visitors in a facility makes the business’s atmosphere pleasant and warm, and once a good reputation has been established, a business will surely flourish.

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