Parking Violation Stickers - Teaching You A Lesson

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Published: 22nd December 2010
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If you are running late for work and mindlessly parked in a "No Parking" zone, chances are you’re going to be issued a traffic ticket by a cold-hearted traffic enforcer. He records your license number and found out that this has been the third time you had a parking violation. He then sticks on a big red parking violation sticker on your window. No matter how much you pleaded with him, he most probably won’t cut you some slack. To make matters worse is seeing a tow-truck heading your way, the tow-truck driver chaining your car to it, and dragging it all the way to the impound. Your day is going to be over before it has even started.

One way to avoid nuisances such as those is by simply following the traffic rules. No one wants to get ticketed by traffic enforcers who make it sound like it’s the end of the world, especially for a person with a squeaky clean traffic record. There are many types of violation a person can do while he is on the road, whether it is on purpose or he is absent-minded, not having paid attention to the signs.

A traffic violation that most people make is parking in the wrong place. These are the areas such as streets, roads, or properties that already indicate a "No Parking" zone. Letting a parking meter expire and not paying the charges are also another form of parking violation. These parking violations are often called to attention by sticking a parking violation sticker on the vehicles’ windows, if the person is found to have violated parking regulations on numerous accounts. What is hard on the vehicle-owners is that these stickers can be permanent. Imagine the horror of having to scrape it off with chisel and soap, leaving scratch marks on the windows.

It may sound unfair that traffic enforcers should violate vehicles by issuing a parking violation sticker but there are good reasons behind these actions. One is to discipline those who frequently violate the parking rules. Issuing tickets all the time to the same violators may not be a lesson learned for them. Implementing a permanent parking violation sticker may give them the motivation to stop their frequently bad habits.

Secondly is to secure a private property from illegal actions such as parking in front or inside a property without the owners’ consent. These lessen the cause of suspicious activities, thereby securing the neighborhood or vicinity from these unwanted visitors. parking violation signs may be harsh to a point that it irritates both drivers and traffic enforcers, but these are mandated by the law to secure and protect premises. For drivers, better watch out next time where you park, you don’t want to spend a whole day with your chisel and soap.

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